Plastic Martyr

24 Jul

Plastic MartyrArising from Beverly Hills, CA, Plastic Martyr is stunning the faces of the new, and even the old to his work, how he has for years, and will continue to do so for years to come.

     Plastic Martyr is a young 22-year old androgynous model that has surprised many by his amazing gender bending acts and has made his face known to thousands around the world by his outrageous ensembles and unique photo shoots. PM proclaims having been raised in a very conservative town, viewed as a “freak” by the many that did not particularly have the time nor patience to get to know him behind the stunning clothes or the shocking things he would say. He had used that town for his own amusement and allowed anyone to create him in their eyes based on what little they know about him as others would “shield their children’s’ eyes as he passed by” and was thrown homophobic slurs, and he would laugh it all off just as quickly, beyond happy that he was not part of the “cookie cutter” sheep herd he was always surrounded by.

     At around age 10, Plastic had started experimenting with makeup, and soon started working “behind the scenes”. Since he had begun doing makeup and styling on himself, as well as others, his work had been viewed as professional during his pre-teen years. At age 14, his unique sense of fashion and steady attitude had caught the eye of a photographer he had worked with, and from there, took on a snowball effect where he learned more each day about who he was and the way he viewed himself. He has since been working with photographers such as Patrick Shipstad, Alfred J. Barrera, and Josh Romine, as well as modeling for the Luxuriator Collection by Franco.

       He has always believed that fashion, just as well as gender, has no boundaries and embraces just that in each photo shoot he does. His message to his fans, and everyone surrounding him, has been made very clear throughout the years – that you should do whatever you can to feel astounding in whatever you do. PM has brilliantly tore down walls of fashion and refused to allow the world to label his differences as anything but fabulous, and always encourages others that are unique to do the same.

What advice would Plastic Martyr give to someone with such similar dreams of his growing up?

     “I would tell them to not be afraid. Take chances and don’t be scared to be different – that’s what makes you special and unique. You should honor your differences instead of disguising them and trying to blend in. Even if people “throw stones”, use those stones and make a dress out of them!!!!!!”



photo credit: Patrick Shipstad


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